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We experienced LA as intended — In congested traffic everywhere we went.


We learned a few interesting facts about Las Vegas on our tour through the Neon Museum

We won a dollar, and we lost it again.

That's all I have to say about Las Vegas.

Death Valley

42° C
Looking down from Dante's View on to the Badwater basin. The road down there was closed because of the flooding and mud slides after as little as 2mm of rain.

Leaving Death Valley behind and heading for Las Vegas in the dusk.

Driving down

Heading to Bishop, California

Mono Lake

Almost alien Tufa rocks.

The story around this lake is as wild as it looks.

Driving south

The road took us through a tiny bit of Nevada.

It was surprisingly green. Farms and pastures along the road.

The road wound back to California and we had to wait at a construction zone but the blooming flowers made even that a pleasant experience.

Clear skies and unreal views on the Sierra Navada.

Today we passed Lake Tahoe and visited the wonderfully alien Mono Lake, and drove alongside nearly overflowing creeks and flooded fields to Bishop

Verizon cell network is down in and around Bishop and the hotel Wi-Fi is too crowded to sync and post more pictures now.

The landscape around here makes you feel small. Great times driving around Lake Tahoe.

Trains in Sacramento

The Railroad Museum is well worth the visit. So many incredible steam trains on display.

I wonder if we will visit the location of the next macOS Codename by chance. WWDC next week should be fun.