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Our IKEA Ingatorp table top hasn’t aged well in ten years, so it was time for a replacement.

Ash from a local forestry. Cut, planed, glued, sanded, routed, and finished at Das Habitat Augsburg. Slightly bigger dimensions than the original to make more room for boardgames.

Well worth the time.

Very tired, but on our way home from the airport.

The last two weeks passed by at an incredible pace and it will take way more time to let it sink in that we went to India and made it back.

We visited Choki Dhani village today. I did not expect the almost alien feeling inside this theme park at all.

Between history lessons on a battle field full of statues, palm reading, shooting arrows and walking through a fake jungle and craft demonstrations - all filled with life like puppets and rare live performers - it was the weirdest mix of a fair ground, art installation, shops and restaurants I've ever seen.

A short Indian wedding

Only two days of ceremonies and celebrations. I dressed in yellow for Haldi, got my finger painted with henna for Mehendi, donned a turban so I could help carrying the bridal canopy, and ate, and danced all night.

Laundry Day

I've successfully shrunk my new shirt so it no longer fits. It's enough fabric to make something from it so nothing is lost.

Lotus Temple

Aastha Kunj Park
Inside the Lotus Temple Gardens

No pictures from inside the Bahai temple, but it is a stunning architectural structure.

The concrete roof arches feel almost weightless and let light filter in through gaps between the petals. We were very lucky to experience moments in peace and calmness almost on our own in an otherwise busy and crowded place.

We went to Lajpat Nagar market to buy dress shoes for the main event and a nice golden yellow kurta for the haldi ceremony for me. I got fitted for a turban that will be wound for me, too.

Which means I'm done shopping for the wedding and we can spent a few days doing touristy things.